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Spektrum Aircraft RPM Sensor & Bracket AR7200BX,-Mad 4 Heli

Spektrum Aircraft RPM Sensor & Bracket AR7200BX,

$55.99 AUD 
SKU: SPM9560


This RPM sensor is designed for the Spektrum AR7200BX and the AR7300BX.


  • Sensor for measuring motor/engine RPM's in airplanes and helicopters
  • Used in conjunction with the SPM9548 Telemetry Module, the Sensor Board and Sensor is used for measuring motor/engine RPM's
  • Plug and Play & includes 6" telemetry interconnect lead and bracket for mounting the sensor
  • DualLink provides superior frequency path diversity
  • High Quality Plastic Case
  • Compact footprint
  • Has a servo plug and plugs into the AR7200BX helicopter receiver providing RPM data for the governor