Align T-Rex Kits

Riding on the wave of success, the teams at Align continue to revive the R/C market with a complete line of R /C helicopters. With sizes ranging from small to large, power system from electric to glow fuel, enthusiasts all over the world found their niche amongst the wide range of T-Rex helicopters. To minimize the complexity often associated with R/C helicopters, Align created a series of combo packages with power systems developed for the specific application. These designs, backed by Align’s long time experiences in motor and integrated control circuits, allowed consumers to quickly experience the world of R/C helicopters with minimum hassle. In addition, Align introduced a series of supporting accessories such as engine starter, pitch gauge, aluminum helicopter cases, clothing line, etc, which quickly became the favorite amongst R/C helicopter enthusiasts. In the short six years, these products enabled Align R/C to position themselves as the premier brand in R/C helicopter industry.

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