Bundle and Save!!

We have added a new bundle feature for you to save when purchasing a kit and electronics which also gives you suggestions and ideas on different setups for each model.

To Browse through all the combos click on "Combo's" in the side menu: or if you are interested in a certain model it will show you what electronics that we recommend and the savings when purchased as a bundle:

Align stock has been added!

Align stock has all been added to the website which includes kits and parts for the 500X, 550X, 700X and 700XN. We will be processing orders from next week. Thank you for your support!

We will be stocking ALIGN products!

Mad 4 Heli are proud to be taking on Align Helicopter kits and parts. The first shipment is expected at the beginning of March which will include the 500X, 550X, 700X and 700XN. Once we have everything in place we plan to take on more models in the future. Thanks for your support, we are excited to be pushing the hobby in Australia with another excellent brand!

Align 500X

Align 550X

Align 700X

Align 700XN

The Oxy 4

Pre orders will be available soon!!

Mad4heli Field Mackay with a goblin 570, 700, 770

Here's a good look at the mad4heli field in mackay with a goblin 570, 700 and 770. The field is surrounded by sugar cane so one of the lads decided to have some fun with it!

We now stock OXY heli!

What an amazing little heli, Here's a short overview of the OXY 3 Tareq Edition.
It was a solid heli to build and solid in the air, we are very proud to bring Lynx OXY to Australia!

Tuning your Black Thunder Nitro with Tareq !!

The King of Nitro.

Goblin Black Nitro

I need one of these !!!








Xpert R1 Unboxing

Mad4Heli is one of the largest and leading sellers of R/C helicopter models in the country. We are also among the top sellers of R/C helicopter accessories such as the Xpert Servos R1 series. Aside from selling these accessories, we are also committed to helping consumers understand their specifications,pros and cons of the accessories.

Thus, Mad4Heli came up with a brief yet detailed video showing the unboxing of the Xpert R1. This video provides essential information about the R1 series servos along with some tips to help you maximise the performance that each of these R/C components can offer.

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