HobbyWing Platinum V4 25A ESC (3-6S)


$35.99 AUD $40.99 AUD


1 Specifications

Cont./Peak Current : 25A/40A

Input Voltage : 3-6S Lipo

BEC : Switch-mode,6V / 7.4V Adjustable ; Cont./Peak : 3A/7A 

Input / Output Wires : Black & Red 16AWG input wires / Black 16AWG output wires

Separate Programming Port : Short Black & Red & White wires with JST connecters, For connecting LCD Program Box or WIFI Express

Size / Weight : 47*22*10mm / 27g

Application : 250Class electric Helicopter (Main Blades: 200-300mm),electric fixed-wing ,multi-rotor.

2 Features

High performance 32-bit microprocessor with the running frequency of up to 72MHz for excellent performance. The microprocessor powered by the separate voltage-regulating IC, which features great anti-interference performance, greatly reduces the possibility of losing control.

Separate switch-mode voltage-regulating BEC with adjustable voltage of 6V/7.4V and continuous/peak current of 3A/7A. The BEC is separated from other circuits, its normal output will be guaranteed to protect your aircraft from crash when issues like the power board of the ESC is burnt occur.

DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization) technology or Freewheeling for smoother throttle response, higher driving efficiency and lower ESC temperature.

Four flight modes: Fixed-wing, Helicopter (External Governor), Helicopter (Elf Governor), and Helicopter (Store Governor).

Soft start-up in the three Helicopter modes.

Helicopter speed-governing function, which features adjustable “Governor Parameter P/I”, is easy to use. It can guarantee the stable rotation of main blades when the load changes dramatically.

Auto Restart Time allows you to interrupt the shutdown and landing during the preset time and restart the motor promptly to avoid crash caused by improper operation.

Data Logging can record the minimum voltage, the maximum temperature and the standardized RPM of the current flight and output the running data of the ESC in real time (HOBBYWING WIFI Express module, HW Link mobile phone APP are needed).

RPM Signal Output port for outputting the electrical RPM of the motor (calculated in 2 poles) in real time.

Reverse Brake allows your aircraft to simulate the landing of a real aircraft. That is a reverse thrust will be generated when the propeller rotates reversely to shorten the coasting distance and make the aircraft stop rapidly. 

Separate programming port for connecting HOBBYWING LCD program box or WIFI Express module.

ESC programming, firmware upgrade, and data checking via HOBBYWING WIFI Express module, HW Link mobile phone APP allows you to program your ESC, upgrade its firmware and check relevant data wirelessly (HOBBYWING WIFI Express module is needed).

Real-time data checking for checking the running data of your ESC in real time via HOBBYWING WIFI Express module, HW Link mobile phone APP.

Online data checking, ESC programming, firmware upgrade are supported (HOBBYWING LCD program box & PC or WIFI Express module & Smartphone are needed).  

 Multiple protections like start-up protection, ESC thermal protection, capacitor thermal protection, over-current protection, overload protection, and throttle signal loss protection.

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