Gyro Sensor VBar M-04606


$268.99 AUD 



Premium 3-Axis Gyro with Silicon Sensing Ring Sensor Technology

The new VBar gyro sensor is downward compatible with all existing main units (except for VBar with aluminium case sensor).

The New VBar Silverline uses a new sensor technology, which uses three sensor elements that are the only ones on the market specially designed and adapted for the use in real model helicopters.

The Sensors are manufactured by the Company Silicon Sensings and use a oscillating ring structure for the detection of rates in opposite to the known sensors that have only one or two oscillating masses.

The symmetric design and 8 separate sensing devices inside the sensor give a perfect balance of the system, which enables to detect smallest rotational movements even in high vibration environments. This gives us the advantage to mount the sensor very stiff at the frame, so it detects smallest movements very quick without getting disturbed by the vibrations.

Every heli produces lots of vibrations if it is rotates quickly around the axes. This is fairly normal but can create a certain drift in the other sensor elements which gives a slight cross coupling through the axes. The new sensor gives advantages not only in nitros or tubine helis, but on dynamically moved 3D helis as well!

The result is a very easy to use sensor with nice hovering performance, best possible vibration resistance and an superior dynamic behavior if flown in hard 3D. The full advantage will be available with the upcoming 5.3 Firmware release of the VBar which will be available soon.

The new unis is available and can be purchased complete or separate (Sensor/Main Unit). The sensor is compatible with the known fullsize VBar main units.

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