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HSD61501 DS615 Standard Digital Cyclic Servo-Mad 4 Heli

HSD61501 DS615 Standard Digital Cyclic Servo

$104.55 AUD 
SKU: HSD61501
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Function Description: Product specifications:
●The performance is more excellent, providing greater output torque and faster movement speed, and has higher locking force at the pause point of the movement during 3D flight, allowing you to feel precise control and manipulation.
●Coreless motor design, fast speed, high efficiency and low power consumption.
●More wear-resistant high-strength super alloy gears, longer life and endurance.
●The middle section of the aluminum alloy shell is beautiful and exquisite, allowing instant heat dissipation and sustained high efficiency.
●Can support digital and analog control signals.
●Can be applied to T-REX 600/700/800 swash plate action and tail rudder action servo motors, with strong force, fast response and precise action.

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●Output torque:
●Action speed: 0.09sec/60°(4.8V)
●Rated voltage: DC 4.8-6V
●Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
●Dimensions: 40.1 x 20.1 x 37.3mm
●Weight: 56g
●1520μs wideband system

Product Accessories:
●Servo rudder piece x 2
●Rudder piece fixing screw x 1
●Shock-absorbing rubber x 4
●Brass washer x 4
●Semi-circular hexagon socket tapping screws × 4 (T2.6x12mm)
●F Servo rudder angle piece x 1