H70H016XX Align Trex 700E TiN Shaft.


$40.99 AUD 


 H70H016XX Align Trex 700E TiN Shaft. For remote control helicopter use.

Instruction: Specification:
Use for T-REX 700E/700X/760X.
All new 700E TiN Shaft is produced by Physical Vapor Deposition (known as TiN, gold color). Main features will be well hardness coating protection, high density, low coefficient of abrasion, excellent adhesion, oxidation, and corrosion resistance improvement. It’ll definitely make your heli to be in high quality and excellent durability at whole time.
700E TiN Shaft x 1
700DFC Main shaft x 1
Socket buton head collar screw x 1(M4x24mm)
M4 nut x 1
Main shaft spacer(1) × 1(F12xF16x1mm)
Main shaft spacer(0.3) × 1(F12xF16x0.3mm)

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