600 Feathering Shaft Set -H60H002XX


$19.99 AUD 

Instruction: Specification:
-Use for T-REX 550/600.
-Brand new design for 600 Feathering Shaft, both ends of shaft increased thickness from 6mm to 8mm, so its whole external diameter is equal in 8mm thick, which can effectively enhance strength of main rotor system. In addition, adopted M2.5x6mm screws also redouble its intensity to meet its upgrade strength.
-Feathering shaft x 1
-Washer x 2(Φ5xΦ12x1mm)
-Socket screw-black x 2(M5x10mm)
-F8-14M Thrust Bearing x 2(Φ8xΦ14x4.5mm)

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