450L Multiple Main Shaft Bearing Block H45B013XXW


$34.99 AUD 

Instruction: Specification:
●Use for T-REX 450 L.
●6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed.
●Special design to extend the servo mounting space, it allow larger micro servo can be install on the helicopter directly without any extra washer, suitable for full size of micro servos.
●450L Multiple Main Shaft Bearing Block x 2
●Bearing 685ZZ x 2(Φ5xΦ11x5mm)
●Socket button head screw x 8(M2.5x5mm)
●Socket button head screw x 6(M2x6mm)
●Linkage Ball B(M2x3mm)x 2(Φ4.75x9.77mm)
●M2 nut x 2

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