OSP-1094 OXY 2 - EC2 ESC Battery Connector Clamps


$6.99 AUD 

Lynx / Oxy now offers the possibility to clamp your ESC Battery Connector and make the ESC wiring cleaner and more compact.

In the same way this new Oxy 2 clamping helps to easily connect / disconnect the Battery Connector.

After we tried different designs and material process. We decided to go with the 3D Printed ABS Plus Material. This end choice, gives us the possibility to offer a very unique and usefully Battery Connector Clamping System with incredible consumer price and great function ability.  

Material NOTE:

ABS Plus Material have Meld Point at 250 Deg Celsius and assure the best Electrically Insulation giving extra security to your Power System.


2 x OXY 2 - EC2 ESC Battery Connector Clamps

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