HML75M03 750MX Brushless Motor (530KV)


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750MX(530KV) motor incorporates radial fan in its end bell, creating powerful airflow to dissipate heat. Tweaks to motor design and reduction in weight not only contributes to dramatic power increase, the high efficiency cooling system enables cooler operating temperature during and after flights when compared to motor of previous generation.
The 750MX(530KV) motor armature had a special balance adjust to improve the serious shaking problem that other tiny motors have.
Maintenance free, high torque, high efficiency, stable and quiet.
High-speed ball bearings, powerful magnetic outrunner rotor.
Suitable for T-REX 600L / T-REX 700E helicopters, T-REX 600PRO must with performance booster(H60G004XXW).

For more detailed information, please refer to the Power Tip. 

750MX (530kv) motor is suitable for use with speed governor function on the speed controller. Start with setting the governor so that head speed is at around 2200RPM, and adjust according to individual needs. For safety reasons, please do not set too high of head speed. 

Input voltage: 12S
Max continuous current: 100A/165A(5sec)
Max output power: 4400W/7260W(5sec)
KV value: 530KV
Stator Arms: 12
Magnet Poles: 10
Dimension: 6x52x61.5mm
Weight: 452g
Socket screw(M4X10)X4 
M4 Screw x 2 (M4x4mm)

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