HBP60002 Align Trex Lipo 6S1P 22.2V 6000mAh/60C


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●This high-discharge specification lithium polymer battery adopts a standard series/divider pressure charging design that ensures lithium polymer efficiency. It is developed to meet the needs of special high-capacity model products and has been selected by strict computer testing instruments. It has a large battery capacity. It has higher endurance and is suitable for the high-violence power needs of M470/M480L/M690L multi-axis machines and TB70/T-REX 550~T-REX 800.
●The maximum sustainable discharge is 60C, the normal operating temperature is about 40-65 degrees (heat dissipation) within 80% of the nominal C number, and the maximum temperature resistance is 80 degrees.
●It is recommended to discharge within 80% of the nominal C number. The cycle life can be maintained at 95% for more than 100 times, and 90% for more than 150 times. (The cycle life and performance will be significantly affected by the high temperature rise of excessive current and voltage over-discharge. decline).

For lithium polymer batteries with high discharge capacity, over-discharge and overcharge must be strictly prohibited during use, as overheating may cause it. After full charging, be careful not to discharge more than 80% of the total capacity to ensure the best characteristics and use cycle of the battery. Life span, recommended! Before using a new product for the first time, be sure to fully charge it before use, and use the first 5 times to only discharge 50% to trigger the battery performance characteristic flight to achieve the best storage and discharge performance of the battery, and pay attention to develop a flight timing habit , or use an electronic transmission ESC that can set battery low-voltage protection (the back pressure of a single unit cannot be less than 3.4v). Pay attention to strictly prohibit the use of insufficient power to avoid over-discharge and over-discharge temperature rise that will affect the high-efficiency characteristics of the battery. Serious impact.

It is strictly forbidden to store or charge lithium batteries directly in the sun or close to car windows with room temperature above 35 degrees. High ambient temperatures will cause damage or bursting of the lithium batteries. If the battery is discharged with a large current or used during flight, it will cause the battery to heat up. Do not charge immediately. It must be cooled down (about 20 minutes or more) and checked before charging. If not used according to the original manufacturer's regulations, it may cause the battery to expand or cause accidental hazards! [It is strictly prohibited to use NiMH/Cd chargers]

To ensure safety, be sure to keep the battery within sight when charging. If you need to leave, the battery should be removed to avoid unexpected dangers and losses.

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