SG520 Goblin RAW 500



Blade Size500
Power supply6S 3300/3700mAh
Weight (no battery/fuel)1824g


  • RTF weight without battery 1824g

  • Main rotor diameter 1180mm (with 500mm blades)

  • Length of the tail blades 80mm

  • Mini size cyclic servos (35mm)

  • Mini tail servo (35mm)

  • Maximum dimensions of the battery 48x48x150mm

  • Recommended battery 6S 3300/3700 mAh

  • Recommended battery weight 550-600g

  • Recommended ESC 6S-120A

  • Motor size 4020 (800-900Kv)

Main Features

  • Quick release battery tray with integrated connectors

  • Zytel HTN resin blade grip arms (sacrificial)

  • It is not necessary to remove the canopy to replace the batteries

  • Main ratio 1:5/6

  • Tail ratio 4:1

  • Helicopter Main Data
    Configuration 500
    Available P/N SG520
    Main rotor diameter 1180mm (with 500mm Main Blades)
    Main blade length 501mm
    Tail rotor diameter 218mm (with 80mm Tail Blades)
    Tail blade length 80mm
    Main shaft diameter 8mm
    Tail shaft diameter 5mm
    Weight 1824g w/o battery

    Helicopters Secondary Data
    Cyclic Servos Mini Size 35mm
    Tail Servo Mini Size 35mm
    Typical speed controller 6S 120A
    Maximum motor size 52 mm diameter x 55 mm height
    Motor KV 4020 (800-900Kv)
    Battery compartment 48x48x150mm
    Battery capacity 6S 3300/3700mAh
    Available ratios 1:5/6

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