Cyclone Tails

R/C helicopter performance has been compromised by conventional "straight wing", continuous airfoil blade designs. Flybar blades are quick and responsive around center, but are unstable in fast flight and are prone to pitching up. Flybarless blades are stable and smooth at high speeds, but deliver a slow response around center and are more demanding of your electronics. Traditional designs make it impossible for one blade to provide both characteristics, forcing pilots to choose between crisp response around center or smooth high speed tracking in fast flight; blades that try to deliver both aspects are mediocre at best...until now!

Tim Jones has developed a unique, optimized airfoil design that elevates R/C helicopter blade technology to the next level. J1S Designs Cyclone blades feature an aerodynamically optimized "tapered airfoil" that allows the CG point to be configured in a way that provides fast flight stability, without sacrificing response, or "crispness" around center. The tip shape is unique and allows large cyclic inputs even at the highest forward flight speeds, eliminating the "flutter" or sluggishness that is common with heavy flybarless blades that can stress servos and reduce cyclic rates. This also allows the power system to work more efficiently and lets the blades track with one another much better, even under the most extreme combinations of collective and cyclic pitch. 

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