3BL360-3DW 3D SAB Blackline 360mm Main Blades (3 Blade Set)




3D SAB Blackline 360mm Main Blades (3 Blade Set) 3BL360-3DW

Product Description

SAB designers have integrated the famous Italian tradition of artistry in order to design a blade that can transform your flying into an art form.
The SAB Blackline edition blades are available in three different versions, 1D, 2D & 3D to accommodate different flying styles:

3D Top Agility

3D blades have been designed to optimize agility and maneuverability during hard 3D flight. The total weight and center of gravity has been optimized to improve flybarless control system stability and setup regardless the of flybarless system employed. SAB's expertise in 3D blade development is also attributed to cooperation and input of many international top pilots allowing the design of a blade that perfectly combines agility, control, and maneuverability.

Technical data:
Length: 360 mm
Width: 31 mm
Root: 5 mm
Bolt Hole: 3 mm


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