Mad 4 heli is a proud sponsor of Coffs Harbor heli fest Whoo hooooo!!! Caint wait for this event,I love it. Mad 4 heli will be donating Goblin  500 limited edition kit for the pilots draw along with lots of other goodies tee hats etc. To spice thing up a little bit were putting on a free bar an on Saturday night along with some mad 4 heli promo girls to brighten the place up a bit ! not that it needs it hahah. For obvious reasons if your flying in the night flying Saturday night you will not be allowed to drink alcohol  and drinking responsibly will be enforced at all times.

The new shipment of SAB parts and helis has arrived, check it out!https://mad4heli.com/collections/goblin-heli Also on the way is the goblin 570s and and of course if we sell the heli we also carry a full range if parts IN STOCK. Unfortunately there will only be 1x 570 kit coming in .Due to the nature of owning and running a online RC heli store it my duty build and fly on of these brilliant kits. so there will be none for sale! haha .not for another couple of weeks any ways.

Pcyc indoor flight sessions are really kicking off thanks to every one who attends 

 the PCYC indoor  flight night is  on 4th april .It will start at 6.00 pm till late.Then every 2nd Friday from there on in. The dates are as follows




                       4th April

                       18 th of April 

So now is a good time to fix up your micro helis and planes and get your asses down to the PCYC for some indoor stick banging action. See ya there!






  THE PCYC will be on Friday 6 PM till late. Rc helicopters and planes welcome, maximum size for helis is 450. Demonstration of skill level will be required to fly the 300/ 450 size helis and larger indoor plenes.



There wil be a $10 admission fee which goes to the PCYC. First session will be classed as taster session with no membership required.If you would like to attend regularly and you are not a 2014 current M.A.D.R.A.M.S member,with MAAQ Insurance. You will be required to join PCYC for insurance purposes. Memberships can be obtained on the night and we can explane the wonderful state wide benefits and range of activities that will be available to you as a PCYC member.



Address Mackay PCYC  Off Norris Road, North Mackay QLD 4740



any queries call Curtis on 0438243485

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