YGE Brushless-Controller YGE 160 HV V4 (Opto) YGE-160HV

Prestige RC

$569.99 AUD 

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-Max duration at 160A good cooling. Burst (5 sec) 230A w/ heat sink.
- 4 to 14s LiPoat low voltage.
- 5 to 15s LiFePO4with under-voltage.
- 12-42 NiMhô˜cellswith under-voltage.
-Undervoltage detection can be switched off.
- Speed regulation (governor mode).
- Soft start can be individually adjusted.
- Active free-running, thus part load indefinitely.
- Automatic timing, or adjustable in 6 steps.
- Infinitely adjustable F3A brake
- Normal EMK brake adjustable in 3 steps.
- Clock frequency: 8 to 16kHz
- Speed limit240,000 RPM (2-pole)
- Over temperature / over-load warning
- Integrated anti-lightning
- Dimensions: 69x 53x26 mm
- Weight104g without - and 156g with cable 6 / 6mm
- Programming with the ProgCard II

The new version (V4has an integrated anti-spark relayThe setup can now be read in spite of the optocoupler ProgCard II.

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