HS-6401-HV Xpert R1 Brushless HV Cyclic Servo


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The R1 series is undoubtedly the best helicopter servos you can find in the market. It has stunning craftsmanship full aluminum case with nicely made diamond cutting. You see the quality since the first sight on it. The top of the line brushless technology makes R1 Cyclic servo with amazing 416.40 oz-in (30 kg-cm) of torque with 0.062 sec/ 60 speed. The R1T Tail servo is the most powerful tail servo you will find in the market with 233.18 oz-in (16.80 kg-cm) of torque and lightning fast 0.40 sec/ 60 speed. All Xpert R1 servos are equipped with the most sophisticated firmware that specifically designed for sigh end helicopter applications. The torque and speed were just the basic element in R1 servos. The precision control by its firmware makes R1 a truly unbeatable package for all helicopters.


Did you ever spend hours to figure out how to make wiring better on your helicopters? Did you ever spend more time than you wanted just to replace a servo on a helicopter? What makes the R1 series so special is its QUICK RELEASE connector design. With included (100mm & 200mm) all black color cables, you will find the best looking wire setup in no time. The special design connector on all R1 servos is also water and dust proof for maximum durability.


  • Quick release cable that allows easy and quick installation for all helicopters.
  • Brushless motor design provides extremely high speed, top efficiency, and low power consumption.
  • 4096 resolution and SIC (Single Integrated Circuit) for the highest performance and durability.
  • Light weight design
  • All Aluminum case for the best thermal dissipation and durability.
  • Strong Metal Gear
  • Glitch-free
  • Sophisticated error correction
  • High-Speed, High-precision 12-bit AD converter and CPU calculation
  • Fail safe
  • Over current protection
  • Over temperature protection
  • Start sonorant
  • Operating frequency up to 400Hz


Type Standard
Product Name HS-6401-HV(R1)
Part Name HS-6401-HV(R1)
Power Supply 6.0V~8.4V
Speed (sec/ 60) @6.0V: .086 sec/60 @7.4V: .07 sec/60 @8.4V: .062 sec/60
Torque (oz/in) @6.0V: 296.45 oz-in @7.4V: 366.85 oz-in @8.4V: 416.40 oz-in
Torque (kg/cm) @6.0V: 21.43 kg-cm @7.4V: 26.43 kg-cm @8.4V: 30.00 kg-cm
Dimensions 40x37.80x20 mm
Weight 72 g
Frequency 200/333 Hz
Range 50~400 Hz
Center Position 1520ms
Applications Helicopter
Uper and Bottom Case XC-05
Hardware Parts Xpare-01
Gear Set XGS7232S

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