SP-OXY3-160 OXY3 - V2 Main Grip - Silver, 2Pcs - Set (D)


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Oxy Heli in cooperation with Lynx Heli Innovations introduce the new V2 Main Grip System for Oxy 3 heli.

OXY 3 V2 Edition Main Grips was designed to replace the standard one, giving in case of crash, a special save main grip design.

Listen to request that after a crash. The DFC lock screw snapping off on the Main Grip. Lynx offer now a simple solution, that works perfectly!

A special spacers sit between the DFC arm and the main grip pitch arm. So in case of a hard crash, the screw can bend or get broken, but still with removing the spacer, will be possible with simple pliers and some heat, remove the damaged screw and easy reassembly the main grip without the risk to replace the full main grip..

Low cost spare bag in case of service need.

This OXY 3 upgraded Main Grip keep the same performance and precision of the standard one, but helps in case of hard crash.


- Direct replacement for the standard OXY 3 two blade head parts (Sport, 255, 285 and TE).

- Special spacer design system that save the main grip in case of hard crash.

- Designed tested and approved with very hard head crash tests.

- Perfect upgrade for those who don't want to worry about a crash!

- Reuse standard Oxy 3 Radial and Thrust Bearing for easy maintenance.

- Low cost spare bag help in case of service need.

- FEA (Final Elements Analysis) design assisted, achieve lightweight and maximum strength.


1 set Oxy 3 - Pro Edition Main Grip - Silver - preassembly

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