SP-OXY2-078 - Oxy2 Qube Combo


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Oxy Heli offer 3 Blade Head System for OXY2 Heli.

We named "Qube" following the success of OXY3 3 Head System

In order to support the Oxy 2 Heli, Oxy Heli in cooperation with Lynx defines after long testing this 3 Blade head system named Qube

Simple and stronger deign assure the best efficiency

- New and different way to fly your Oxy 2.

- Easy to build and repair in case of crash.

- Increased cyclic response.

- Increased system efficacy at Low Head Speed (4000 rpm)

- Increased reactivity at High Head Speed (5000 rpm)

- Unique look and fly sound.



1 x Set of 3 x Main Blade 190 mm Carbon Plastic - Black

1 x Oxy 2 - 3 Head System Main Head Preassembled NOT Ready to fly (follow manual for final assembly)

1 x Oxy 2 - 3 Head System Swashplate

1 x Oxy 2 3 Head System Blade Holder 3D Printed TPU - Black


Follow user manual for more information of final assembly.

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