Kontronik Pyro 700-52L Brushless Outrunner Motor, 520Kv KON274121 SPECIAL ORDER!


$449.99 AUD 


Special orders estimated 2-5 Day delivery if in stock!!! Australia only.International orders will take longer approx 10-15 Days Out of stock items can be back ordered or will be refunded in full!!


  • Designed for 600 and 700-class RC helis
  • RPMs adjusted to suit 10S and 12S drives
  • 3kW of continuous power
  • Neodym magnets heat-resistant up to 150C
  • Specialised wire heat-resistant up to 300C
  • Well-balanced
  • Metal sheets and ventilation optimised

The Pyro 700-45LS is specially-designed for 600 and 700-size 3D heli applications. The RPM suits 10S or 12S drives. The Pyro 700 is best used with a counter bearing, hence the reason why the motor is available with a 15mm longer shaft. This outrunner motor offers more than 3kW of continuous power.

The Pyro 700-45LS has neodym magnets which are heat-resistant up to 150C. This motor has a specialised wire which is heat-resistant up to 300C. The Pyro motor is well balanced and has optimised metal sheets and ventilation.

Motor KV510 rpm/V
Max RPM25,000 U/min
Application.90 Electric helicopter
Lipo battery requirement10S - 12S

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