Kontronik Pyro 700-34 brushless motor KON27415 SPECIAL ORDER!


$449.99 AUD 


Special orders estimated 2-5 Day delivery if in stock!!! Australia only.International orders will take longer approx 10-15 Days Out of stock items can be back ordered or will be refunded in full!!


The best choice for 600- and 700-size 3D RC helis, the Pyro 700-34 brushless motor from Kontronik has more than 3kW of continuous power.


  • Neodym magnets, heat resistent up to 150 degree C
  • Specialized wire, heat resisten up to 300 degree C
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Optimized metal sheets
  • Optimized ventilation

The Pyro 700-34 brushless motor from Kontronik is an excellent choice for 600- and 700-sized 3D RC helis. It offers more than 3kW of continuous power and the RPM will suit 10S or 12S drives. This Kontronik motor comes with neodym magnets, which are heat-resistant up to 150C and a specialised wire which is heat-resistant up to 300C. The 700-34 motor is perfectly balanced and comes with optimised metal sheets and ventilation. Order yours now.


Max. RPM25000
Weight (g)375kW>3

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