Kontronik Pyro 600-09 Brushless Outrunner Motor KON27212 SPECIAL ORDER!


$399.99 AUD 


Special orders estimated 2-5 Day delivery if in stock!!! Australia only.International orders will take longer approx 10-15 Days Out of stock items can be back ordered or will be refunded in full!!


Extremely high performance and efficient brushless motors designed for helicopters


  • Features:
  • Neodymium magnets, heat resistant up to 150 degC
  • Specialized windings, heat resistant up to 300 degC
  • Precisely balanced
  • Optimized metal sheets
  • Optimized ventilation
The new Pyro 600 series are extremely high performance and efficiency brushless motors designed for helicopters using blade sizes from 425mm to 550mm.

Kontronik recommends using this motor in 550-600 class helicopter applications (550-600mm blades). After some testing, we feel that this motor is best suited for super high power results in helicopters from 425mm blades to 550mm blades.

This motor has been developed specifically for Helicopter application. The Pyro 600's construction follows the same quality philosophy that Kontronik stands for!
Motor KV900
max continuous Wattage2000
Max Peak Wattage4000
PMW32khz optimal
Bolt holes3mm
Bolt hole Spacing25mm
Can Diameter40.5mm
Can Height52mm
Output Shaft Diameter6mm
Output Shaft Height22mm

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