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Mad Mikes goblin 570

Goblin 570 White/Grey

Blades Edge 553 FBL

Kontronik Pyro 650-62 (Mad Mike edition)

Kontrinik Heli Jive 120 HV (Internal BEC)

Futaba Brushless Servos Running @6V

Lynx upgraded Pitch Slider and Leaver.

Thunder Power 3300Mah 70C X2 12S

V Bar 5.3

The above specs are my own personal set up to give you an idea of what electronics I run.

The above specs are my own personal set up to give you an idea of what electronics I run. Mad 4 Heli has multiple electronic combinations to fit any budget.


SG571 - SAB GOBLIN 570 WHITE/GREY (with main and tail blades ô˜and Airframe Only)

General Specifications
Electronic Specifications
  • Main rotor diameter: 1278 mm (with 570 mm blades)
  • FBL System
  • Main blade length: 550 to 575mm
  • Tail rotor diameter: 260 mm
  • Tail blade length: 95 mm
  • Main shaft diameter: 10 mm
  • Spindle shaft diameter: 8 mm
  • Weight including electronics: 2400 g (excluding batteries).

Special Features:

  • Full carbon boom
  • Battery tray 6S and 12S
  • Inside carbon rod
  • Dampened tail system
  • Cyclic Servos:Standards size 40mm

  • Tail Servo:Standard size (40mm)

  • Typical Speed Controller:
  • Maximum motor size: 4025 size (52 mm diameter, 56 mm height)

  • 6S 100A
  • 12S 80A
  • 6S 1000-1400 Kv
  • 12S 500-700 Kv

12S 500-700 Kv

  • Battery compartment:
  • 6S 5000/5500 mAh.  Max dimension 50x60x200mm
  • 12S 2600/3300 mAh. Max dimension 50x45x280mm

Kit Includes:

  • 21T motor pulley (other pulley sizes available)
  • 1 battery tray with straps
  • 570 mm main blades
  • 95 mm tail blades
The following motor pulleys are available:

H0215-16-S-16T Pinion = ratio 12.9:1

H0215-17-S-17T Pinion = ratio 12.2:1

H0215-18-S-18T Pinion = ratio 11.5:1

H0215-19-S-19T Pinion = ratio 10.9:1

H0215-20-S-20T Pinion = ratio 10.3:1

H0215-21-S-21T Pinion = ratio 9.8:1

H0215-22-S-22T Pinion = ratio 9.4:1

H0215-23-S-23T Pinion = ratio 9:1

H0215-24-S-24T Pinion = ratio 8.5:1

All these motor pulleys are for a 6 mm motor shaft. Each pulley includes an adapter for 5 mm motor shafts.

  • HPS (High Precision Head System)
  • 10mm high strength steel main shaft
  • 8mm high strength steel spindle shaft
  • Stronger main gear, Gates GT3 motor belts, 10 mm one-way bearing
  • Aluminum tail case for increased stiffness.
  • Dampened tail system for increased vibration tolerance
  • Standard size tail servo

- 2mm carbon frames.

-Strong landing gear. Landing gear mounting brackets do not require bolts to be installed. The brackets are a break point during a crash preserving frames and other important parts
- 6S and 12 S battery

- Battery tray with lock system.

- Nylon bolt break-away system to preserve the boom during a crash

- Aluminum ESC support

- Standard size cyclic servos

- Canopy saver, protects the canopy edges from scuffing.

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