Kontronik Pyro 750-56L brushless outrunner, 560kv, 38.5mm shaft KON277101 SPECIAL ORDER!


$599.99 AUD 


A power boost for your RC heli; the heat-resistant Pyro 750-56 brushless motor from Kontronik, offers 4.5KW of output.

  • Compact size
  • Designed for 700-class RC helis
  • Power output of 4.5Kw
  • Shaft with two sizes (8mm internal and 6mm external)
  • Neodym magnets heat-resistant up to 150C
  • Specailised wire heat-resistant up to 300C
  • Optimised metal sheets and ventilation

The Pyro 750-56L brushless outrunner motor from Kontronik is an excellent long shaft motor. Part of Kontronik's premium line, the 750-56L has been developed in cooperation with leading manufacturers of electric RC helicopters to take the performance of electric drives to a new level. The individually-calculated metal sheets in this motor are optimised for the magnetic flux of the motor jacket. With its optimised ventilation, high-performance radial fan and up to 300 degrees Celsius heat-resistant coil, this Pyro brushless outrunner can easily handle high-input voltage.

Furthermore, the Pyro motor also features neodym magnets which are heat-resistant up to 150 degrees Celsius. The Pyro 750-56L is compact, powerful and has an output of 4.5KW. Its unique design offers a shaft with two sizes. The internal shaft is 8mm, facilitating for 8mm bearings for a longer motor life. It also has an external shaft of 6mm that can accomodate most RC helicopters. If you need serious power for your 700-class RC helicopter; this is the motor for you. Order the brilliant Kontronik Pyro 750-56L now.


Maximum RPM25,000

Weight (g)453



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