SP-OXY3-087 - OXY3 - Qube 3 Head System - Combo




Oxy Heli offer 3 Blade Head System for OXY3 Heli.

We named "Qube" system to help on the designation!

In order to support the Oxy 3 Heli, Oxy Heli in cooperation with Lynx defines after long testing this 3 Blade head system named Qube

Simple and stronger deign assure the best efficiency

Luca Invernizzi says about this new Oxy 3  3 Head Blade systems:

Hard to say which system is the best for the Oxy 3: 2 Head or Qube. we believe after many hours of testing with different configuration , FBLô˜set upô˜and head speed, that the 2 Head system on the Oxy 3 has better performance for pilots that like the hard 3D and the ultimate agility.

The Qube system per design, increases the cyclic response, giving a better FBL control and increase the main rotor disc load and the main disc lock effect. These effects support pilots that like a more precise and sedate Oxy 3.

The Qube system can handle with incredible performance low Head speed, which can support also who as sport flyer need longer fly time.

Everything depend on your need and your feeling, my personal first feeling was weird, because really different and impossible to compare the Qube with the 2 Head System, but after few flights, become a new and enjoyable way to fly my Oxy 3.

- Direct replacement for Oxy 3.

- New and different way to fly your Oxy 3.

- Easy to build and repair in case of crash.

- Increased cyclic response.

- Increased system efficacy at Low Head Speed (3000 rpm)

- Increased reactivity at High Head Speed (4500 rpm)

- Unique look and fly sound.

-System comes with DFC rod and optional Hybrid Pitch Rod System. Hybrid system suggested with Head Speed Lower than 3500 rpm.



1 x Set of 3 x Main Blade 255 mm Zeal

1 x Oxy 3 - 3 Head System Main Head  Preassembled NOT Ready to fly (follow manual for final assembly)

1 x Oxy 3 - 3 Head System Swashplate

1 x Oxy 3 3 Head System Blade Holder Foam

1 Set of 2 x Oxy 3 50 mm Tail Blade (suggested for this system)

1 x Oxy 3 Tail Shaft Pulley 14T (suggested with Head Speed Lower than 3500 rpm)

1 x Oxy 3 3 Head System Hybrid Pitch Rod System


Follow user manual for more information of final assembly.

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